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4 ways to bring outdoors, inside.

jenpen.studio - September 2, 2017 - 6 comments

On my little island of Curacao, it’s sunny all year round. So basically we have summer all year long. But we have our hurricane season, where the weather is pretty hot and we have sudden rain showers. So if you planned your great outdoor together and then it started to rain and you can’t have your party outside anymore. Pretty much sucks. It’s basically what actually what happened with this shoot. It was planned to do a lovely outdoor shoot, but hello …the rain just wanted to join the party.
So, what better way to keep on with the plan and just move everything inside?! So, this is going to be 4 ways to have an outdoor get together, indoor.

Add the outside plants to the inside plants to create an urban jungle surrounding. Lots of plants and greens, lets you feel that you are outside and green is a color than is very relaxing and that is exactly what you need to be doing at a get together. I even brought the green in the throw pillows.
Don’t you just love them?!

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How about a huge pillow to add the coziness?! Instead of  some standard chairs, collect your pillows and cushions together. Sitting on the floor can be so more laid back than some standard chairs. I’ve added also two stools, which you can use as side tables or to sit on them.



Trying layering different rugs to create a cozy atmosphere. What I added was a piece of sturdy fabric, which has to sides. So, if you can’t find your perfect rug, go into a fabric store and pick out your all time fabric and add that as a rug. It’s so much cheaper than a rug and easy to replace.



It’s seriously just to freaking hot these days on the island, so the best way to go is fruit snacks and lemon and orange juice. And the colorful fruits brings such extra color in your relaxed indoor atmosphere.







So, with these 4 easy ways, you’re having an outside-inside party. I pretty much wanted to keep the indoor setting like this, even when the rain was over. But on the other side of the room, everything was pushed aside and looking totally hectic and crazy.
What I really loved about these products: the pillows, coasters, the stools, the trays and the little succulents in  cement pots, are all made here on the island of Curacao.

So if you want to see all of this items up close and personal, you’ll need to go to the Passionistas Pop -up fair this Sunday, September 3rd at Kura di Arte in Pietermaai. The creative workshop I’m hosting with Blue33 will also be held tomorrow. So if by any chance you haven’t sign up yet for the workshop, you can still do so today or just check us out tomorrow and see if there are still some sits available.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Enjoy it to the fullest!

This post was a fun collaboration with PassionistasFlea Finds, Isola Design Atelier, and  Jedidjah’s Inspirations




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