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4 ways to add pops of color in your space

jenpen.studio - May 23, 2021 - 0 comments

And we continue to get into the homes of lovely people on the island of Curacao. In my daily life I step into people spaces and create something new and I really love that. But sometimes you just have to go and be inspired by the surrounding of others. That’s what this home tour series is all about.
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So, in this post we are getting a tour of a spacious apartment of jewelry designer, the youngest of the bunch, Loeloe. Actually after visiting her last year, I got inspired to do this series.  I’ve known Miss Loeloe now for a few years and I just love how she keeps growing. She was also part another series I used to do, called Your Own Boss.

She lived prior to this apartment in a one-bedroom apartment below and after a few months she moved upstairs to this apartment shown in this post.

She styled her space with a minimal look but still with her own charm to make it feel like home. Let’s take a peek on how to add pops of color in your space.


The apartment has two (bed) rooms, bathroom and an open floor plan for the living, dining and kitchen area.

Here are some tips on how to play with an open floorplan concept:
  • Try not to put your furniture against the wall. By placing them from the wall, you can create sections in your space. You can indicate where the living area, dining area and even a home office can be.
  • If you have a small space, try using furniture on legs. This will make the room still feel spacious.
  • Place runners or area rugs to indicate where to go or where you are in the space.


Btw what is a vignette?

A vignette (in terms of interior design) is a tiny, curated style statement, made up of a group of objects that are displayed on a shelf, a table, or elsewhere in the home.

We see how Loeloe created vignette by grouping her plants together.

Here are some tips to perfect your styling:
  • When arranging your vignette, keep the same style or tone within pieces. Feel free to mix modern and vintage, etc., but try to ensure that items “belong” together.
  • To avoid the vignette appearing “cluttery,” give your little pieces some breathing room. Less is more.
  • Vary the heights of your items. Items that are of varied height allow the eye to move freely, instead of scanning over the space.
  • Just as important as varying heights, varying textures also allows for a seamless vignette.


As we can see, Loeloe kept her walls white. She created a white base so she can make a statement with her pink sofa. The sofa is the centerpiece of the space.

  • A good way is to add a colorful piece of furniture. It can be sofa or an armchair. But also think about a cabinet that has a bright color that can be your centerpiece.
  • Think about paintings or wall art. You can add several colors  in your space by creating a gallery wall with different types of art. Try to find a balance between the colors so it still looks cohesive.
  • You can incorporate a rug with colorful pattern or details to add some interest.
  • A colorful floral arrangement or house plant will not only add an organic element to your space, but it will add a vibrant hue as well. Plants are also temporary and portable, so you can test out different locations for your arrangement to find a spot where you feel most comfortable adding a dose of color and life.

I hope you enjoyed episode 03 of this home tours series ‘City Life, Island Style’. You’ve got tips shared from the homeowner in the video and got extra advice from me on how to style your space

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Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen.Shots

Videography + editing by: Tittle Tattle Team

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