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4 eat hotspots in St. Martin

jenpen.studio - July 11, 2018 - 0 comments

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Eating is something I really like to do when I’m on vacation. It’s sometimes fun to buy some groceries and do some fun cooking together when you’re on vacations, but sometimes eating out is just the way the go and go I went.

A few weeks back I was in St. Martin for the first time and I visited some great restaurants with some great service and ofcourse delicious food. So, today I’m going to share with you 4 places that are a must when you visit St. Martin.


This was the first place I had the chance to get a delicious bite. I got a salad with crab ‘balls’. It was heaven. And they make some fresh juices for you…yuuuuummmm!!

My last day we also passed here for a quick breakfast. Unfortunately I can’t share a picture with you because it was to good. I had pancakes with different kind of berries in it and a passion fruit smoothie.

It’s located alongside the road, but it didn’t feel like the outside noise comes in easily. The staff is great and very nice.

Vesna Taverna is located on the Dutch side of St. Martin and is not far from the airport.

Address: Airport Road 9 at Palapa Marina

Simpson Bay Email: vesnarestaurantsxm@gmail.com

Tel: +1721 5245283

Website: www.vesnataverna.com



The second day there we drove to the french side of St. Martin. Yep, we just drove in Europe like that. Everything here is in euro’s and “french”. Hurricane Irma did a number on this island and the french side was very much affected in a very disastrous way. It still doesn’t look all that good but that doesn’t stop this great restaurant to serve you with good food.

And meanwhile enjoying a beautiful sunset.

I enjoyed here a good fish (mahi mahi) with white rice and salad.

Le Grand St. Martin is located on the french side of St. Martin in a town called Marigot.

Address: Saint-Martin front de mer Marigot MF 9150


Tel: +590 690 35 77 17


We also had a little brunch here before heading to the french side. Top Carrot is like a concept store, with a restaurant and store combine in one. Fresh juices and healthy food. So if you’re a vegetarian, this is the place to go.

Top Carrot is located on the dutch side of St. Martin and is on the same road as Vesna Taverna.

Address: Simpson Bay, Yacht Club

Saint Maarten 91750

Email: lydiatopcarrot@gmail.com

Tel: +1721 544 3381

FB: Top-Carrot-SXM


On Sunday we enjoyed the food with a great beach view. The only two things that I found not so fun was that the parking is just crazy there. It was packed ofcourse, because everyone is also going to the beach. And on Sunday is pretty much music time, so when you go just be prepared to have a bit of loud music (played by a dj) while eating. It’s their way to give you a jump start to dance into the night.

Beside that, the food was great, the waiter was awesome and you can even see the planes flying by (pretty up close). After that you can pretty much jump into the sea, which I didn’t do btw.

Karakter is located on the dutch side of St. Martin.

Email: info@karakterstmaarten.com F

B: KarakterSXM

Tel: +1721 5239983

You should also visit one more joint ( I was to hungry to take a picture):


Address: Philipsburg, St. Martin (located on the dutch side of St. Martin)
Five minute walk from the cruise ship terminal

Tel: 011 (599) 542 3484

Website: www.stmaartenchesterfields.com

Hope you enjoyed these 5 restaurants tips for your next St. Martin trip. Ever been? Please share it with me in the comment section below.

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