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3 ways to use a wooden tray

jenpen.studio - August 26, 2017 - 3 comments

Having things in house that have more than one function is just awesome. You have a bench that can be used as a table or to sit on it. Or you have a basket to store stuff in or you can hang it against the wall. So many options with some many items. So today I’m going to share with you 3 ways that you can use a wooden tray.
Ofcourse it can be used for what it’s exactly meant for. You’ll have company and you want to put everything on the tray and take it around. Or you want to chill on bed and want to have breakfast on bed, a tray is a good way to go. 


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Sometimes the original memo board could be a bit expensive, so why not use a tray for a memo board?! You have space to tape your favorite quote, your to-do-list and even a little moodboard to inspire you for the week. Add a little string so you could hang some business cards or notes.


I’ve noticed when people come visit me at home, they tent to take of their shoes. I have no clue why they do it, because it’s not like I have carpet laying down my home. But family and friends in the Netherlands do ask you to take of your shoes when you get in their home, maybe because they have carpet or just don’t want the dirt of the shoes coming in the home. So, one other way is to use the tray is as a shoe storage. You can also use it for yourself in your room. Sometimes people don’t enter their bedroom with their shoes, so this is also a great way to keep your day to day shoes in one place.
Put a little bag with a lovely scent to keep it all fresh.


I just love to use things in more than one way. And for that reason I’m going to have a workshop how to make this awesome wooden tray. Next week you’ll get the insights and take away a very, very cool tray to take home.
I’ll be hosting this workshop with Blue33 Woodworks. In April, we had our first creative workshop, making a cool wooden lamp. See it here and here.
And this time we are going to be part of the Passionistas family, who’s going to have the 6th edition of the fair. Remember the interview I did with Evita? Click here to get a refresh.
So come and join us, if you’re on the island of Curacao, and sign up here to have your own wooden tray to use it these 3 ways.
How do you like these ways to use the wooden tray? Anymore ideas, please do share with me in the comments below.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend 🙂 ! 

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