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3 ways to Restyle your space on a bargain

jenpen.studio - April 28, 2017 - 3 comments

For the month of May, I want to be every person girl (like the The Temptations song). Hold up, in the interior design phase ofcourse. I really love the Restyle Your Home promotions I do (see here and here). Last year I did two and the great thing about these sessions are the one on one interactions I have with the people who sign up. It’s truly a great way to meet the people of my little island.
And like most of us, we like to change up things in our interior, but it can be massive expensive sometimes. So today I’m going share with you three ways to change things on a bargain.


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Of course, that would be the obvious thing to do when searching for some new furniture. But have no shame to hit those sites for second hand items, like a flea market or porch sale. On Facebook there are also many groups, where you can sell your own stuff and of course buy another mans stuff. And when someone wants to give you a piece of furniture you desperately need, seriously don’t say no to that. Just beware, if it’s not in your color palette, don’t buy it. Otherwise you’ll have to much going on in your space.
Let me just break down for you how I manage to get my little dining area on a very bargain style.
The 3 white chairs I got in one of those for sale Facebook group. I got them for only Nafl. 75,- (that’s $42,-) The previous owners just wanted to get something new and I got some new chairs. The grey chair, to bad I only got one, but I got it for Nafl. 60,- (that’s $33.70) at one local furniture store. It was in their sale corner.  The rug, oh do I love this rug. I was searching years for a rug like this, but these types of rugs are very expensive. Again I scored a great deal on Facebook again. I got it for only Nafl. 75,- (that’s $42,-). The round table I got it from an acquaintance. So zero money there. The cabinet was I got from a friend. This is one heavy piece. The plants pots are all new, so that’s basically the only items that I bought for a full price.
So, it’s great to do a mix and match of new things and second hand items.
Okay, so painting is not always my thing, but it can very much help you give a new look to a piece of furniture. If you have a great, dark wooden cabinet or table, don’t be afraid to give it a new shine. Life it up with some bright colors or you can shine it up by keeping the dark wooden color, but giving it a new shine by using oil to polish it up. If it’s a open cabinet, then add colorful or light colored items to make them pop out. Like the table, I gave the top a bright yellow color and painted the legs light grey and added dip drop with the legs also in yellow. A complete new look. Did the same with the cabinet.
So, plants are not always to cheapest, but why not go take a walk in your neighborhood. Or go to that one family member (my mom in my case) or a friend who loves and has plants. Ask them for a small one and let it grow. Okay, basically very easy to say as I tend to kill every plant I get. So, I’m now working on smaller plants. Think about a cacti or plants that don’t need much care like snake plants. But having that in your space, already will life it up. You’ll get an organic piece in your space and at the same time a pop of color if you’re trying to keep more an one color palette (like grey or white).



So, these are 3 easy ways to do some restyling over the weekend. Ofcourse, if you need my help, make sure you make use of the offer for the month of May, to Restyle your space for only Nafl. 125,-. Beside these 3 easy tips, you’ll have a better insight on how well your furniture will work in your space, where to buy what and what color will match perfectly.

You can sign up here .

Wishing you all a fabulous long weekend.

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