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3 Ways to enjoy a Stay-at-Home Vacation

jenpen.studio - November 5, 2015 - 8 comments

It’s Thursday Travel people, but the budget is low and I need to save some cash to go on the next trip. Airfare can be so expensive sometimes. It’s actually the biggest part of your savings that goes to airfare. When we say we have to save for a trip, usually that means the airfare. But don’t worry, if a out-of-country trip isn’t in the budget, a stay-at-home trip is always doable.
Here are 3 ways to have a great trip at home.
local beach at the west side of Curacao 
1. Book a hotel.
I didn’t mean really stay at home. To get some vacation feel, book a hotel or a rental home and enjoy some days away from home. If you book a hotel, you can have it including the breakfast as you want to have the total vacay feeling. But you can ask some friends to stay in a rental home (especially one against a beautiful coast line) and you can share the duty of making breakfast. If you have kids, I think this would be more fun and relaxing for them as they would have a garden to play in. You can also try a small boutique hotel in the center of the city.
kura hulanda hotel in the center of Curacao downtown Otrobanda
2. Go out to dinner at a restaurant you haven’t been yet.
I can remember one time I booked a hotel for the weekend as a surprise for my husband. I searched for some restaurants we haven’t been yet and I found a very small cozy one. It was very delicious and we kept going after our little stay-at-home vacation. It’s always fun if there’s live music. You’ll get dinner and show.
Pietermaai District in the center of Curacao downtown Punda
3. Go to museums, historic places, fairs or events.
If there is any cool fair or event in the days that you’re taking your vacation, it would be great to include that also in your little trip. Or go to museums or art galleries. All those things will make you more aware of your own little culture in your backyard. It’s funny that when you go to vacation in another county, you’ll go to all those kind of stuff, but at home you haven’t been to one. So seek some culture stuff to explore.
Abandon hospital at the east side of Curacao. It has become an attraction for photographers.
This was a little guide for things to do when the budget is low, but you still want to have a vacation. As they say: “There’s no place like home”!! Have you ever had a stay-at-home vacation? Want did you do? Please share with me in the comments below.

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