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Maison & Object Paris 2016

jenpen.studio - February 3, 2016 - 12 comments

It has been such a pleasure visiting Europe twice in a very short time.  This time it was more a business trip (with fun moments with friends & family in between) and one thing I really wanted to do is visit the Maison & Object in Paris. Do you remember the VT Wonen & Design Fair 2015 I went to last September? Well, this is so much bigger. I went to a specific booth, where I got helpful information for a home interior design project I’m doing right now. But beside that, this place is something else. When I see all the other pictures of other visitors, it seems like I missed lots of things. But I passed all the halls (all 8 of them), but it’s hard to check every booth. You really need more days for that and we just went for one day. So next time I’m planning two days for it.


Beside that it was in Paris, the retailers standing there were all in their elements. Showing off their new and best collection for your home or office decor & design.  I love that their was a mixture of all type of styles.  There were lots of wood elements. Wood or wood color always bring warmth back in the space. I loved the rattan hanging lamps from Sika Design. There was allot of Scandinavian style furniture.


I was sold by this styling of this room. That wallpaper, the hanging lamps, the B&W vintage prints hanging on the wall and the white sofa…just beautiful styled all together. The pops of color in this room comes from the plants and flowers, making it even more beautiful.
I have something now with that kind of velvet blue sofa. It’s something that will for real make a statement in your home. I mean seriously, “Let the wood set you Free”!!…Okay that has nothing to do with the sofa. The sofa has beautiful lines, making it something modern, but the color kind of takes me back to the 70’s.


One of the colors of this year is Ochre Gold. It’s a gold yellow, so you know what I mean. The yellow is a big thing this year, but I always loved yellow. It’s a beautiful color to combine with dark or light colors.  And this color was one of the main colors to see at the M&O. How about this sofa in your master suite and some yellow throw pillows? Nice!!
I didn’t get much sleep before going there, so my body wasn’t cooperating very well. But when I got there, it was all good. Afterwards it broke down again, but hey…I already seen the best. I left there very inspired and ready to take the design world by storm (a little to excited here). If by any chance you haven’t seen the video on my Facebook page, click here.
Have you been to Maison & Object in Paris this year? What were your favorites? Do share in the comments below.





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  1. I'm kind of glad that I haven't been because I'm pretty sure I would have wanted it all- such great style!

  2. Hahhahhaa…next time I think you should. You'll narrow down your all time fav..and then you'll buy 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness…I would have gotten lost in all this beautiful stuff. Thank you for sharing I love how color it all seemed to be. Very happy indeed.

  4. I love these designs, they are creative and really pretty!

  5. I really like the rattan hanging lamps from Sika Design too! They are so relaxing and would add a calming feel to a room.

  6. Anonymous

    I never really considered wood décor and if asked I'd probably say absolutely not, but this stuff looks amazing! It's so chic and not as masculine as I'd expect.


  7. Oh WOW! I love each booth! Each area had it's own flare! It's so cool to see design happen from different parts of the world, especially Paris!

  8. I have never been there but I am sure after looking your pictures that I will completely go insane and want everything.

  9. I don't blame you! I would have spent all day walking around and imagining pieces in my fantastic fantasy home. 🙂

  10. I've never been to Europe before but Paris and London are on the top of my list to visit one day! Hopefully I'll get to visit Europe soon 🙂

  11. London is also an awesome city to visit. Hope your one day will come soon. 🙂

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