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2 easy ways to style a coffee table under $35

jenpen.studio - September 23, 2016 - 4 comments

Decorating your home is pretty awesome, but having a very low to no budget can be pretty irritating. I pretty much know about that. Three years ago we build our house and to be honest it’s still not completely decorated. It takes time to have your home the way you really want it and especially if you’re on a budget. So today I wanted to share with you two very easy ways to style your coffee table under $35. Like seriously…it’s possible.

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Okay, for this little weekend task, get out some trays, books, candles, vases and whatever you would like to share on the coffee table. The coffee table is the focal point of your sitting area, so it would be cool to have so pieces to talk about on it.

 OPTION 01 : I’m bringing YELLOW back for a total of only $31,-.



I have lots of color in my home and the main color is yellow. So, for this option I wanted to bring back the yellow on the coffee table. I have here a yellow with black stripes tray, a little yellow vase and two mango wooden candle holders.
The tray for only $ 9,- at Techniek & Design. The yellow vase for $ 4,- also at Techniek & Design.
The wooden candle holders I got as a gift, but they were $ 5,- each. These I got from OKES.
Candles with batteries for $0.50 each. You can get these at any home depot store.
Coasters for $ 7,-. I have these for so long now, that I don’t remember where I got these from.
I’ve added a little photo book, some green and one piece of nature. You can make it even more personal by adding a photo frame to the table. Weirdly, but this is the only wedding photo I have framed..hahahaha. :).




OPTION 02 : On a lighter note for a total of only $24,-.



This time I’m combining a little grey color to the mix. It shows very pretty on the wooden surface. This is going to be a mix of grey stone, white and green. The green in the leaves, the green in the books, the white in the candle and the coasters. I added a little pop of yellow via the books. If you see closely you can see them.
The tray I bought last year at the VT Wonen Design Fair and I so want to go this year. Who wants to give me a ticket to the Netherlanders as a gift? Anyway, it was just 10 euro’s which is only $11.21
Amaaziinnggg!!! The coasters I bought also last year on my Europe trip at Xenos for only 2 euro’s which is $2.24. The candle is from IKEA for only $1,-. The bottle I bought one time on sale at Techniek & Design for $9. All the books I got as a gift and the leaves I got from a lovely lady who has this plant in a huge form.




So for under $35,- you can have a nice little styled coffee table. I don’t like to put to much on the coffee table. I like to keep it simple as when you have people over there’s going to be space to add drinks and snacks on the table.
How do you like these simple ways for your table? It’s a nice task to do over the weekend. Wishing you lots of fun pulling your look together. Otherwise just give me a call and I’ll be there to give you a hand.
Wishing you all a happy weekend and I’ll be seeing you back here next week. Taaaadaaaa 🙂

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